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Why Is CPR Training Important for Security Guards?

There are more than a few ways learning CPR is useful for security officers. Professional security guards in San Jose, CA, may not always work in a healthcare environment, but giving them CPR training is still important for the following reasons.

Respond to Emergencies Quickly

The field of security involves working in a variety of environments, but professional guards often work around people. In a crowd, medical emergencies can happen quickly, leaving professional guards in the role of a first responder. Knowing how to provide CPR properly in a life-threatening situation saves lives.

Instill Trust within the Community

When a professional San Jose security officer works a busy concert or watches over a residential community, it is important people view him or her as someone who helps. CPR training builds trust by letting others know guards are not just there to get people in trouble. Their main role is to help people in any way they can. Whether they are performing CPR on an elderly person at an event or the Heimlich on a choking child, people need to know the guards in their vicinity are capable of ensuring everyone’s wellbeing.

Instill Confidence

Arming professional guards with knowledge is important for instilling the confidence they need to control any situation. In a medical emergency, a crowd can quickly get out of control if a close friend or family member responds with extreme emotion when someone they love stops breathing. With CPR training, a guard provides an instant response that allows them to perform their duties with competence while encouraging calm within the crowd.

Partner with Other Responders

Professional guards work closely with law and safety officers in the communities they serve, and CPR is more effective when two people are working together to perform chest compressions and provide breaths. Being able to partner together with other responders cultivates professional relationships that smooth the way for everyone to work together for the good of the community.

CPR is just one form of training that’s essential for security guards. Whether there’s a need for highly trained commercial or residential security, guards for special events, or bodyguard services, San Jose residents can turn to ADS Guards for their professional security needs. Give us a call today at 1-800-794-1550, and one of our representatives would be happy to assist you.