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4 Reasons to Hire Security Guards for a Shopping Center

Almost every shopping center today has cameras in place for theft detection as shoplifting and crime become of greater concern. Unfortunately, cameras can only help storeowners in a limited way, making security guards in San Jose a great go-to option for business owners looking for other ways to improve security.

1. Increased Protection

Today, businesses are utilizing less staff in order to save money. With smaller staff sizes, there is less protection for customers and employees, especially at night. Security guards provide an added level of protection and can escort customers and employees to their vehicles at night or if they have purchased expensive goods.

2. Real-Time Theft Detection

The biggest problem with cameras is that they often only help after the fact. By the time camera feeds are viewed, the crime has been committed and the criminal is often long gone with the stolen product. Cameras can record a crime, but they aren’t equipped to stop it. Security guards deter shoplifters and are trained to catch a criminal in the act, intervening before the crime can be completed.

3. Eyewitness Testimony and Notes

Sometimes the image of the person doing the crime is so faded or grainy in a security video that it is of no help in finding and prosecuting a criminal. Other times, the crime occurs outside the view of cameras, or thieves are smart enough to cover them up.

Security guards work in tandem with a camera system to provide better security. They are trained to look for suspicious behavior, trained in the power of arrest, and can take notes on the crime as well as the suspect to present to law enforcement and help them build a solid case.

4. Better Business

Customers are very aware of the problems of shopping during off-hours, especially in large shopping malls, and they know that shopping centers can draw thieves, particularly during the holidays. Customers who see that a business has employed a security guard are assured of their own protection, and will be persuaded to spend more time shopping there.

A well-trained security guard is worth his or her weight in gold to the success of a business. For more information on security guard services near you, reach out to ADS Guards in San Jose. We are the area’s leading provider of trained security guards and have been in business for nearly 20 years. Request a free quote or call 1-800-794-1550 to speak with a trusted representative.