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4 Reasons to Perform Bag Checks at Events

Bag checks haven’t always been standard procedure, but as more potential threats emerge, this security measure is becoming increasingly popular. Although the idea of slowing down entry lines may not seem attractive, the truth is the security benefits far outweigh the inconvenience. By asking security to perform a bag check, you prevent the presence of dangerous items and ensure your attendees are entering a safe recreational environment. Take the advice of the security experts at ADS Guards, one of the leading security companies in San Jose, CA: bag checks at your venue minimize risks in the following ways.

1. Keep Weapons Out

Although it’s possible to conceal a weapon in other ways, it’s often much easier to hide one inside a backpack or purse. Bag checks are a simple way to detect concealed weapons, especially if your event can’t afford a metal detector or other form of scanner. Bag checks should be performed based on the level of threat. A clutch purse may only need a quick glance, but a large backpack could hold something legitimately dangerous. Remember to post notices about required bag checks both outside and inside the event so attendees are aware of the potentially extended wait time.

2. Catch Unauthorized Substances

The overconsumption of alcohol or other substances can create rowdy attendees who may present a problem while the event is in progress. For this reason, many event venues have limits on the number of drinks patrons are allowed to purchase. Occasionally, attendees attempt to use a bag to sneak additional substances into the event. By catching and confiscating these items at the door, you ensure any alcohol consumption at the event stays within the limits of what your venue is permitted to sell.

3. Prevent Problems Later On

Many event venues have a list of prohibited items, from external food and drink to cameras and other electronic devices. Some attendees may be unaware of the requirements and unknowingly attempt to bring prohibited items in with them. A bag check gives event staff a chance to notice these items before the attendee has entered the venue, which greatly reduces the chance that staff or security will need to approach attendees during the event and request they dispose of the item or leave the premises.

4. Give Event Attendees Confidence

No one wants to think about security threats while they’re trying to enjoy a concert, conference, or sporting event. Still, mass gatherings can pose potential dangers, and this fact is likely not lost on your attendees. When bag checks are performed, attendees are alerted to the presence of security staff at your venue and immediately comforted by the knowledge that other patrons’ bags have also been checked. Professional security staff will handle the check efficiently and leave your attendees feeling secure and able to enjoy the show.

If you’re planning to host an event and need reliable, high-quality event security services in San Jose, reach out to the security experts at ADS Guards today. We are a premier provider of security for special events, and we also offer armed and unarmed security guard services for commercial spaces and residential properties. For a free quote, call us today at 1-800-794-1550.