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6 Reasons to Hire Professional Security for a College Campus

In the wake of the terrible events that transpired at the University of Virginia campus in Charlottesville, the vital issue of college security has captured national attention. A few days after the UVA incident the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill went on alert as rumors spread across campus about a planned act of vandalism. In this case, UNC security officers quickly deployed metal barricades around the targeted monument and increased foot patrols to dissuade disorderly conduct.

This type of response is a good example of the modern day need for professional San Jose security guards on campus. Following are six reasons that further illustrate this need.

1. Address Medical Emergencies

Professional security guards are routinely trained in first aid and basic lifesaving procedures. Universities that operate medical programs within a hospital system have recognized the importance of training campus security officers as first responders who can assist with medical emergencies before paramedics arrive on scene. This is not simply a matter of liability. Trained security personnel can save lives on campus.

2. Prevent Sexual Assault Lawsuits

United Educators, a major insurance carrier that specializes in providing coverage to higher education institutions, recently published a report about how sexual assault lawsuits cost universities an average of $187,000 per instance. The cases that proved to be the costliest included claims of inadequate security response to the incident.

3. Enforce Policies

American colleges that have implemented zero tolerance policies toward drugs and liquor on campus rely on security guards to actively enforce them. At a time when designer drugs and other substances such as marijuana wax are being surreptitiously introduced on campus, detection and enforcement are paramount.

4. Prepare for and Respond to Natural Disaster Emergencies

Professional security guards serve many functions other than checking backpacks and patrolling parking lots. They can be trained to prepare for emergencies and to respond adequately when disasters strike. In the wake of an earthquake, for example, security officers can direct students and faculty so they safely evacuate buildings. They can also restrict access to damaged areas and set up a first-aid station in case of injuries.

5. Mitigate Political Animosity

Public universities are considered bastions of free speech in the United States, but the violent protests of 2017 at UC Berkeley and UVA are signs of change in the American political discourse. School administrators must realize that once protesters have assembled on campus, the institution assumes a great degree of responsibility over the safety of participants. For private universities where police officers do not normally enter, the need for professional security staff is more pronounced.

6. Reassure Safety

According to a 2017 email survey conducted by ADT, young Americans are experiencing feelings of anxiety and apprehension due to fears related to general safety. Out of 1,000 respondents, 76 percent expressed they actively avoid crowded spaces and traveling alone. Such fears can be assuaged by the presence of uniformed security patrol in San Jose.

Whether security is needed for a college campus or a residential neighborhood, San Jose residents can rely on ADS Guards, a leading provider of San Jose security services. Call 1-800-794-1550 today to speak with one of our friendly representatives.