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5 Reasons a Hospital Should Have Security Guards

Though hospitals should be a safe place for patients, family, and employees, this is not always the case. Because of this, it’s important to secure security guard services to make the area safer for everyone. Here are just a few reasons why every hospital needs security on hand.

1. Some Patients Are Dangerous

Hospitals security guards can keep patients and medical professionals safe when there are dangerous patients involved. Suspected criminals go to the hospital when they have been injured during an arrest. Trained security guards in San Jose can help protect other patients and employees of the hospital while the dangerous patients are receiving care.

2. Hospitals Have Expensive Drugs

Drug addicts will stop at nothing to get their fix, and hospitals have many powerful drugs they desire. Security guards can prevent the loss of money and property in a hospital by keeping a close eye on areas where these drugs are stored and used.

3. They Can Prevent Violence

Families of sick or injured people sometimes lack emotional strength in these difficult times. Fights can occur because one family member was supposed to be taking care of the person in the hospital or for many other reasons. Doctors and nurses can also be targeted during physical attacks at times. Security guards help keep everyone safe by acting as a deterrent to physical violence.

4. They Can Discourage Trespassing

Some areas of the hospital are off limits to people who don’t work there. It could be considered trespassing if a person enters an area without authorization or without being accompanied by the appropriate hospital employees. Security guards can keep people away from these private areas of the hospital.

5. Quiet Hours Need to Be Enforced

The quiet hours are designed to let people in the hospital get their much-needed rest. People who try to visit during this time can disturb the other patients. Security guards can ensure each patient gets the rest he or she needs to feel better soon, and they can turn away the people who try to break the hospital’s rules about visitation.

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