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Why Do Military Veterans Make Good Security Guards?

Military vets come back from war with a variety of new skills many civilians do not have. They often make fantastic security guards due to their unique experiences and training. Here are a few of the reasons why transitioning into a security position would be natural for a veteran.

1. Observational Skills

During patrols in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other countries, vets learn to be careful about their surroundings and always on the lookout for danger. They quickly notice anything out of the ordinary and are able to pick out threats in large crowds and neutralize them before further upheaval.

2. Discipline

Ex-soldiers do not easily lose concentration and can stay focused on the mission at hand. They don’t get distracted and are sure to complete the task assigned. If they become San Jose armed security guards and are provided with weapons, they know only to use them under the most extreme and threatening circumstances.

3. Rule Adherence

The military has many rules, both internally and as a matter of domestic and international law. Soldiers learn to follow these rules down to the letter. They can easily remember and apply all of these rules for their new profession as a San Jose security guard and are unlikely to question any additional rules.

4. Physical Strength

The body language, stature, and stamina of a military veteran make it clear that anyone who poses a security threat will have to face the consequences. Due to years of physical training, many vets have an ingrained need to keep working out to maintain their strength, making them the perfect physical presence for a security guard.

5. Reliability

Veterans will be willing to take on shifts when other people flake out, will show up on time, and will leave when requested. Due to their training, they know what it takes to help the entire group succeed and will do everything in their power to make it so.

Even when our security guards are not ex-military, ADS Guards makes sure they are trained to provide our clients with high-quality protection. We are a leading provider of commercial and residential security services in San Jose, and we also offer security for special events. Give us a call today at 1-800-794-1550 for more information and a free quote.