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4 Reasons Churches Need Professional Security

Churches are intended to be safe spaces, but this doesn’t mean they never fall victim to criminal activity. The decision to hire a security guard in San Jose could be a smart and effective move for your church. Here are 4 reasons your church might need to consider professional security services.

1. Protect the Congregation

Protecting the congregation should be the top priority for all church clergy and leaders. No one likes to think about danger invading a church, but it is a realistic consideration. It is well worth it the investment to have a San Jose armed guard in your facility rather than risk your church experiencing something similar to the Charleston, South Carolina, tragedy from 2015.

2. Secure the Money

Money flows all throughout a church. The people in the congregation have their wallets and purses. The collection plates move from hand to hand. Random donation envelopes sit in various parts of the building. A security guard can oversee the church’s financial activity and make sure everyone’s assets remain safe.

3. Maintain Order

Security guards in San Jose, CA, can help keep energetic events safe and organized so everyone can enjoy them. They can assist if someone falls, and they can keep lines organized when churchgoers come into the service. Something about a security guard uniform makes people settle down immediately and behave more appropriately.

4. Deter Violence

A chance for violence always exists when there are different personalities together in the same building. A security guard can help defuse verbal disagreements before they turn into physical altercations or other incidents that should not occur inside of a church. The decision to hire armed or unarmed security guards for the above responsibilities is up to you and your church.

Make sure your church and the people who enjoy attending its services remain safe by hiring a professional guard from ADS Guards. We have been serving San Jose for nearly 20 years, and we offer services for residential and commercial spaces as well as corporate events. Call us at 1-800-794-1550 to learn more.