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5 Benefits of Having a Security Guard at a Retail or Business Location

Many businesses view security personnel as an additional expense and therefore opt not to use this valuable service. However, having a professional and trained San Jose security guard on the premises can carry numerous benefits that not only save you money but also make your retail store a safer and more attractive place to shop. Here are a few of the other benefits of having a security guard on-site at your business:

  1. Deterrent Factor – In many cases, simply having a security guard present can deter would-be shoplifters. Whether you opt for armed or unarmed guards in San Jose, criminals are often smart enough to realize that they’re far less likely to get away with stealing when trained personnel are there to watch for them.
  2. Fewer Losses – Shoplifting is a major concern for any retail establishment. Not only does your business lose money but in some cases, it can force you to increase your prices to make up for losses. Having a security guard on-site can help minimize the number of losses by watching for suspicious behavior and catching thieves in the act.
  3. Minimized Risk – Unfortunately, trouble in retail businesses isn’t always about shoplifting. Fights may break out, unruly patrons may create a scene and attempts at armed robbery may be made. Security guards are trained to both recognize and neutralize these kinds of situations.
  4. Increased Customer Safety – Customer safety is a prime concern for any business. In the event of an emergency situation, innocent bystanders could be injured. The presence of a security guard can help set customers’ minds at ease and make them feel safer while they’re shopping at your business.
  5. Less Strain on Employees – It’s very common for some businesses, especially smaller ones, to task their employees with watching for shoplifters. However, this expectation places undue strain on employees and often prevents them from helping customers or seeing to other responsibilities in a timely manner.

A security guard can be a valuable asset to any business. Find out more about professional security guard and patrol services in San Jose by reaching out to ADS Guards today. Serving the Bay Area for more than a decade, we’re your trusted choice when it comes to reliable high-quality security.