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5 Things You Need to Do If Someone Steals Your Identity

Every year, identity theft claims 15 million victims in the United States alone, and the annual losses add up to a sum exceeding $50 billion, which means approximately 7 percent of all adults have their identities misused and lose an average of $3500. If your identity has been stolen, security officers in San Jose discuss the steps you should take to mitigate the damage before the problem becomes worse.

1. Contact All of Your Banking Institutions

One of the first protective measures you need to take after your identity has been stolen is contacting any and all institutions that handle funds the thief may have access to. It is extremely important to communicate to these institutions that your identity has been compromised and any suspicious charges should be blocked or reversed immediately.

2. Alert the FTC and Fill Out an Affidavit

Though federal investigators generally focus on larger fraudulent crimes, every different tier of identity theft falls within their jurisdiction. They can potentially use smaller incidents to put together the missing pieces for bigger crimes. You can fill out an identity theft complaint and an affidavit form on the FTC’s official website.

3. Fill Out a Police Report

Contacting the police and filing a report should also be one of your primary priorities. In conjunction with the FTC identity theft affidavit, you can create a formal identity theft report that may become useful if there are any legal proceedings.

4. Place a Fraud Alert on Your Credit Reports

By placing a fraud alert, you can give your lenders and creditors adequate notice they should verify your identity before extending any credit. This action blocks off one of the main opportunities thieves have to steal from you again.

5. Enact a Credit Freeze

If you put a credit freeze on your reports, all of your credit information will be completely locked down and safe from further tampering. The small fee for ordering the freeze may prove to be invaluable compared to what you could lose from leaving the report wide open.

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