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5 Things to Avoid Doing When Hiring Professional Security

The year 2018 has had a rough start in terms of security for Bay Area businesses. On the first Thursday of the year, an armed suspect robbed the Bank of America branch in the Outer Richmond district of San Francisco, and a Pleasant Hill gas station experienced a break-in during the evening hours of New Year’s Day. In Corte Madera, a morning robbery at The Village prompted a lockdown of the shopping center on January 3rd.

It is easy to understand why business owners in San Jose are more likely to think about implementing security measures in their companies this year. If you are planning on hiring security personnel in 2018, here are 5 things you shouldn’t do.

1. Hire Individuals Instead of Contracting Agencies

During periods of high business activity, company owners are likely to be solicited by military veterans and former law enforcement officers looking to get on a payroll as private security guards. Even though these individuals may have impressive resumes and considerable experience, they rarely have the support system a security agency provides, which means you will have to supply them with equipment, find substitutes when they are not able to work, and even cover their licensing costs.

2. Make Hasty Security Plans

As a company owner, you are probably well aware of your security needs, but you should not draft your own security plan and rush to hire guards unless you have extensive experience doing so. It is a better idea to let a security guard agency in San Jose draft a plan according to your company needs before assigning guards to execute on the objectives.

3. Think You Will Gain an Extra Worker

San Jose commercial security guards tend to be courteous and mindful individuals who occasionally help with certain tasks such as loading supplies and keeping some areas clean, but you should not expect them to be additional employees who help with administrative, operational, and productivity matters beyond their scope of protecting life and property.

4. Overload Guards with Assignments

Security plans should reasonably indicate the duties and responsibilities of the guards you hire. If you operate a warehouse with a large perimeter that requires constant surveillance, you should not expect a single guard to conduct foot patrols and keep an eye on closed-circuit video systems at the same time.

5. Ignore Security Needs

The worst decision you can make would be to disregard potential security issues. Hiring uniformed guards can elevate the profile of your business by making your customers feel safer. Moreover, the increased physical security may result in lower liability insurance premiums. Even if your company has not recently experienced a security incident, this does not mean something will not happen in the future. Keep in mind security guards protect more than just inventory and equipment. They also protect your customers and employees.

If you run a business and are considering security guard services in San Jose, reach out to ADS Guards. Our expertly trained guards can protect your business, and we also provide professional security for special corporate events. Call 1-800-794-1550 to learn more.