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What Are the Essential Roles of a Corporate Security Guard?

Corporate security guards are tasked with far more than simply keeping businesses safe and secure. These professionals are trained to handle a variety of responsibilities from increasing customer service, preventing loss and damages, and keeping your operations running smoothly and efficiently. Following are a few key roles of the corporate security guard.

Remaining Visible and Preventing Crime

First and foremost, corporate security guards serve as a visible deterrent to criminals. Having a uniformed guard on the premises is a great way to prevent loss, vandalism, and physical harm from ever occurring. Ill-intentioned parties are far less likely to target your business when they see you have trained security onsite. Unlike police officers, corporate security guards are not forced to keep the peace. Instead, they will do whatever is necessary to ensure their clients and their clients’ belongings are kept safe.

Offering Customer Service

A corporate security guard can also be your customer service ambassador. As the very first people visitors see at each entry point, guards can greet your guests in a friendly and welcoming fashion. They can also direct people to the correct departments and locations for conducting their business.

Observing and Reporting

Guards are tasked with the challenge of both responding to suspicious activity and collecting detailed observations of these events. This allows them to report key details to local law enforcement agencies. Observation and reporting can also be used for creating better company-wide security systems. Corporate guards often keep detailed logs of daily events, including the names of incoming and outgoing guests.

Getting Additional Help

When problems arise, highly trained security guards can issue an immediate response and connect with local law enforcement agencies for assistance or follow-up. This ensures criminals who are apprehended receive due legal process. With the help corporate security guards provide, companies can receive protection for all of their employees and assets.

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