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5 Common Services of Residential Security Guards

Whether you own apartment buildings, condos, or a gated community, residential security guards in San Jose are a great solution to cutting down on crime and eliminating potential threats. From parking enforcement to safety checks, residential security guards will go above and beyond  expectations to ensure your property is well maintained. Below you’ll find five of the most common services provided by security guards in residential communities.

1. General Patrol Services

Security guards will perform routine rounds to ensure residents are safe at all times. They will check for safety hazards, intruders, and even stray animals.

2. Parking Enforcement and Towing

Parking enforcement will help to eliminate any illegally parked vehicles from your property, as well as keep guests and residents in ordinance with parking rules and regulations. They can even monitor your parking lot and facilitate towing for you.

3. Guest Registration

Keeping up with who comes in and out of your community can be a daunting task. Luckily, when you have residential security guards, they’ll keep track of who enters and exits your property. They will keep a detailed log of all visitors, including their arrival and departure times.

4. Safety Checks for Residents

Residential security guards can perform regular safety checks for residents for numerous reasons. Often, residents who leave for vacation will request daily checks, or families of seniors who live alone might ask for wellness checks during a security guard’s patrol.

5. Lock Down Procedures

In the event of an emergency, residential security guards will execute planned lock down procedures to ensure residents are safely contained and/or evacuated during a crisis.

When you have a security guard patrolling your property, you’re choosing to keep your residents and property safe at all times. To learn more about residential security guard services, reach out the ADS Guards in San Jose. We’ve been supplying security guards for residential developments, businesses, and healthcare facilities for more than 15 years. Call 1-800-794-1550 to speak with a friendly representative and receive a free quote.