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How Do Personal Bodyguards Protect Their Clients?

Personal bodyguards play a unique role in protecting the safety of people during events, appearances, and daily living. While many other types of security officers react to situations as they occur, personal bodyguards make it their primary responsibility to prevent threats to their clients’ safety. Although the duties of a personal bodyguard can vary with each new assignment, these are just a few of the most common tasks they are called upon to perform.

Act as a Visible Deterrent

In theory, San Jose bodyguards should never have to use physical force to protect their clients. This is because simply seeing a guard outside of a building or walking next to a high-profile celebrity is often all it takes to deter criminal activity. Since bodyguards are highly trained in how to use body language and verbal commands to calm a situation, many potential threats are prevented before theft or personal injury has a chance to come into play.

Respond Quickly to a Crisis

Personal bodyguards need more than brawn to be effective in their duties. It also takes fast thinking to react quickly and get their clients to safety during threatening situations. From being followed by a car to evacuating a building that is on fire, bodyguards know they must be prepared for anything. Responding with accuracy during changing situations is one of the most important tasks bodyguards perform when protecting their clients.

Observe and Report Events

People hire bodyguards when they are too busy to be fully aware of their surroundings. For this reason, bodyguards are constantly observing everything that is happening, and they take detailed mental notes that may be useful for guarding their clients. After a crisis, personal bodyguards are also called upon to accurately report what happened to their supervisors and interested law enforcement agencies.

Communicate with Associated Parties

The media sometimes portrays bodyguards as being all about strength. However, San Jose armed security guards must also be capable of seamlessly blending into their client’s lives. Depending on the assignment, they may need to welcome guests at a celebrity’s home and walk them to the appropriate meeting room, answer phone calls, or send emails for their clients. This requires them to be professional in every communication.

Plan and Implement Safety Strategies

Preventing a crisis is always better than having to react to one, which is why personal bodyguards conduct safety assessments of a client’s home, office, and public areas they visit. They then advise their clients of the best safety protocols to follow and explain what could happen if they ignore these protocols. They also work hard to have contingency plans in place that can be used if anything threatens their clients’ safety.

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