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How Can Hiring an Unqualified Security Guard Harm My Business?

Hiring the right security guards is critical for the success of a business. They maintain a secure environment for the business and the general public, and they promote goodwill. On the other hand, unqualified security guards can significantly impair a business. Here are some of the ways unqualified security guards can negatively impact your business, brought to you by the security professionals from ADS Guards, a leading provider of professional guard services in San Jose.

Little or No Deterrent Effect

Professional security guards promptly discover suspicious activities and respond accordingly. On the other hand, unqualified security guards may fail to deter crime and other wrongful conduct at your business. In addition, they might not alert you or law enforcement about all security threats. Also, they may fail to use the right kind of security equipment or properly gather and organize evidence.


Security guards play an important role in controlling conduct and maintaining order at a business. They can defuse escalating situations and end misconduct before it gets any worse. Conversely, unqualified security guards won’t be effective enough to maintain and control the happenings at your business and will likely foster unwanted disorder.

Bad Customer Service

Security guards can provide reliable customer service by helping clients, employees, and guests find various places and people and performing other services to ensure everyone feels safe and is having a good time. Unqualified security guards won’t be reliable enough to perform such good customer service, which people will notice and likely never forget. Instead of promoting goodwill, they could create ill will among those who have seen your unqualified security guards in action, and those people are likely to tell others about their unpleasant experiences.

Insufficient Security

Professional security guards are highly trained and equipped with the essential skills and knowledge to handle all kinds of safety risks and other security concerns. If they aren’t qualified to perform such essential tasks, your business could experience losses, including the costs of expensive criminal and civil litigation.

The people around your business should be comforted by the presence of security guards. It’s only natural for people to feel a sense of safety and overall tranquility when professional security guards are working around them. Unqualified security guards won’t be able to sufficiently protect your business and raise the comfort level of the people around them.

Damaged Public Relations

You rely on your security guards to develop and maintain your business’s reputation. Hiring the wrong security guards puts your good business reputation and the public at significant risk, which could cost you to lose so much future business that you’ll no longer be able to continue.

Hiring qualified security guards will give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing they’re protecting your business assets, customers, and employees. If you’re looking for highly trained, trustworthy professional guards to protect your business, reach out to the professionals at ADS Guards, one of the top security companies in San Jose, CA. Give us a call today at 1-800-794-1550.