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What Are Some of the Most Common Weaknesses in Home Security?

Your home is where you and your family should feel safer than anywhere else. Though you may think you’ve sufficiently secured your living space, there are likely some areas where the measures you’ve taken just aren’t enough to keep burglars away. The staff at ADS Guards, a trusted security company in San Jose, discusses some of the common weaknesses in home security and how to strengthen them.

Unreinforced Glass

Every house has windows an intruder may see as entry points. Certain panes are especially vulnerable, such as those within arm’s reach of door and window locks and those at or below ground level that are concealed by shrubbery. To make windows more secure, install security film. Though determined intruders may still be able to gain access, this film keeps the shards together, making it much more difficult to get through.

Cheap Locks

Builders tend to use cheap locks to save on their own costs, even on expensive homes. These locks use the same pin tumbler cylinders thieves have been bypassing for decades. An experienced burglar can easily force a cheap lock to open or pick it with commercial locksmith tools. Spend a few extra dollars and upgrade your locks, and consider installing those specifically designed with security in mind. These locks are often much harder to pick or “bump” open. Make sure every exterior door has both a high-quality cylinder lock and a deadbolt, giving would-be burglars twice the trouble.

Low-Quality Windows and Doors

Some cheap sliding doors can be shaken or shifted up and out of their tracks, and flimsy windows can be easily forced open with a crowbar. Buy securely designed windows and sliding doors for extra protection. If that isn’t in your budget, try adding additional locks, such as deadbolts or eyebolts. When placed correctly, even a strong pipe or stick of the right length can keep a sliding door or window from being pushed open.

Spare Keys

Despite this being one of the first things burglars look for, people continue to leave their spare keys somewhere outside. Burglars will check common hiding places like doorjambs and under potted plants or mats. Entrust your spare keys to close friends or family members you can call if you are locked out.

To learn more about ways to keep your home effectively secured, reach out to the security experts at ADS Guards. We provide San Jose residential security services for private homes and apartment complexes, and we also offer reliable commercial and event security. For more information and to receive a free quote, call 1-800-794-1550 today.