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Warehouse Surveillance & Security Presence

If you own or manage a warehouse, you know how much work is involved. You have to make sure you have enough product on hand for orders, arrange for the shipping of products to customers, and manage financial matters such as rent and payroll. Staff should be at optimal levels with enough people to handle the job effectively.

Along with actively managing these tasks, one of your biggest concerns involves the security of the items stored in your warehouse. If the stock is electronic or high value, you must always be mindful of theft from outside the warehouse and pilferage from employees. As a leading security guard company in the Bay Area, we recommend two simple ways for handling your security needs: surveillance and a security presence.


Camera surveillance of a warehouse is very effective for several reasons. If cameras are placed in plain sight, they can be an important deterrent. For instance, thieves will likely find another location to target if cameras are visible from the outside. Camera surveillance can also deter your own employees. While no owner wants to admit that some of his or her employees are trustworthy a reliable, having cameras installed may force an employee to think twice about stealing, acting as a security precaution.

For instances where something has gone missing, you can use the surveillance footage to identify the perpetrators and can use the material as evidence for the police. If it was someone outside the company, police can use a still from the footage to find the thief. Also, video of the event will help the insurance company process your claim quicker, since there is no question about what was taken.

Security Presence

A security guard is needed if your warehouse does not offer a night shift. An onsite presence will deter thieves, especially when the presence is a regular San Francisco security patrol officer. They can constantly monitor the doors and windows for sign of burglary and will be familiar with the warehouse so they can easily detect when things go wrong. If an alarm goes off during the night hours, they can meet with the police and inform you of any issues.

The cost of employing a security guard at your business location is minimal when compared to the damage or loss you could incur from thieves or other scrupulous individuals. As most business owners know, it’s always better to be prepared for any situation than to have to go back and recoup loss or valuable time.

If you are interested in learning more about the San Francisco security guard services available from ADS Guards, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly at 1-800-794-1550. Serving the Bay Area for more than a decade, we are your trusted choice for armed and unarmed security patrol, no matter what your individual needs.