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Should My Business Hire Uniformed or Plainclothes Security Guards?

Your company has decided to beef up its security, and now must decide whether uniformed or plainclothes security guards in San Jose will be the best fit. While both forms of security can provide an important extra layer of protection for your business, uniformed and plainclothes security guards offer different benefits.  Read on to determine which type of security guard is best for your business.


If your company knows of a problem on a campus or work site, but needs help discovering the offender for follow-up purposes, then a plainclothes security guard would be very useful. Unlike uniformed guards, plainclothes guards can go unnoticed onsite, making culprits think they can steal or commit another crime undetected. Plainclothes security guards have the opportunity to blend in with your customers and employees, while keeping their eyes peeled for illegal or unwanted behaviors.


If your company wants to discourage illegal behavior before problems arise then a uniformed security guard may be best. The uniform makes this type of security more visible and therefore more likely to inhibit the behavior of potential culprits.  The official nature of a uniform, especially when paired with surveillance devices like security cameras, can deter most criminals. Uniformed guards are also good for regulating large events where they can handle crowd control, disputes, and unruly guests.

If you are concerned about keeping your business secure, hiring private security guards can be a proactive step in preventing crime. As a top provider of security guards in San Jose, ADS Guards offers a variety of services, including commercial and industrial, special event, and executive security. Give us a call at 1-800-794-1550 to learn more about the benefits of hiring uniformed or plainclothes security or to ask about a free estimate.