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Client Testimonials

UECKER & Associates, INC

Nissin International Transport USA, INC

Magic Leap

Grupo De La Comida

Bemis Global Procurement

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“We have been pleased with your service and it is my wish that we part on good terms.”

Hiromi Matsumoto, V.P. of Finance & Administration
Nissin International Transport U.S.A., Inc.

“I wanted to write and thank you for the excellent service A.D.S. Security Services provided to our office. We found ourselves with a break in issue at a property in Hayward, CA, for which our office had been appointed Receiver, and we had an immediate need for onsite security when the office/warehouse space was vacant. Unfortunately, the need arose on a Saturday. Fortunately, A.D.S. Security Services was not only responsive but had someone on site within two (2) hours of being contact/ Our onsite security needs fluctuated daily and A.D.S. Security Services accommodated whatever hours were required. I personally so appreciated the night shift guards who were willing to stay until there was someone else onsite with me when I would arrive alone at 6 AM to meet vendors at the property. Everyone from A.D.S. Security Services was at all times professional and courteous. Thank you for all your assistance.”

Cynthia P. Gray, Project Manager

“I just wanted to send a quick letter to tell you how grateful we were to have you and your security team watching over our property in Newark, CA. With us being so far away we felt relief to know that you and your company were there taking care of our property. You were very dependable, when we needed to get a contractor in, we would call you and you would graciously run over and let them in and out. When I was out there a couple of times and needed contractor help to fix some issues we had, you referred us to locals so we could get the work completed. You truly went above and beyond with us and we really appreciate it! If we ever have a future security need we will be sure to call you.”

Lisa Saladin, Purchasing Agent Lead
Bemis Performance Pkg. Inc.

“The man who came is a wonderful kind person who is full of helpful energy and so I though he was one of our party volunteers. In fact, he just helped wherever he was needed, offering his help when it was clear that there was no security issues but much other work to be done, and being there as a security person whenever appropriate. He did a great job! Thanks for being a security company in the truest sense.”

Beth Abrams, Director
Grupo de la Comida

“I am writing to recommend the services of ADS. We were in need of 24/7 Security Services with only a few hours notice. After calling multiple places, ADS was the only company willing and able to accommodate and make arrangements for me, which I was extremely grateful for.

They did an excellent job, was always punctual, offer the most competitive rates in town and every Security Guard that showed up was very professional.

We also needed to extend their services last minute and through a Holiday weekend and they were readily able to accommodate for that last minute change as well.

I’m happy to recommend the services of ADS. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me, [email protected]

Tiffany Kong
Magic Leap