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4 Tips to Help You Stay Safe When in a Large Crowd

Judging by what American society experienced in 2017, activism is bound to increase in 2018. In the past, large gatherings required careful planning, which is no longer the case in a time when disruptive flash mobs can materialize through strategic social media postings. Individuals who work for companies operating in controversial sectors should not be surprised to find demonstrators posted outside their offices in 2018, and they may not even be the targets of protesters. For example, people who work in the Mission District of San Francisco are bound to encounter large crowds gathered to protest in front of the new Uber headquarters office. Here are four recommendations people who encounter large crowds should consider.

1. Follow Security Instructions and Measures

Individuals working for companies that retain security guards should learn to follow the prompts and instructions of these trained professionals in case a large number of protesters are gathered near the office. Security guards in San Jose, CA, stay on top of the issues that could affect their clients, and thus they are bound to be familiar with the typical behavior and tactics of certain activists and groups. Guards can also escort employees to their vehicles or to a safe place.

2. Carry Only Essential Items

Pickpockets are known to take advantage of large gatherings. To this effect, individuals should not carry valuable items when they expect to walk through crowded spaces. When a crowd is unavoidable, it is a good idea to transfer valuable items to front pockets and shift purses and backpacks to the front. An ankle pouch is a good idea in case the need arises to transfer identification documents, cash, bank cards, smartphone, and car keys.

3. Expect Risky Situations

Individuals should always think about worst-case scenarios when they end up in the midst of a crowd they did not anticipate. Physical injuries are often part of a worst-case scenario, but they can be prevented by staying away from pockets of agitation, walking in a sideways or diagonal pattern in the case of a human stampede, and seeking escape routes that can be reasonably reached.

4. Practice Safety in Numbers

Humans are generally better at taking care of others than taking care of themselves. For this reason, individuals should always try to stick together in crowded situations. It is always better to pair up when in large groups. Phone numbers should be exchanged and a rendezvous point should be agreed upon. Physical size and life experience should also be considered when pairing up. Veterans can walk alongside people without military experience, and larger individuals who can resist the push and pull of crowds can be paired with smaller partners. The goal should always be to stay together and make it to safety as a team. Constant communication and situational awareness should be practiced until safety is reached. If you get separated from your group, look for a San Jose unarmed security guard who can help you.

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