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Why Should You Have Employee Termination Security?

Though workplace violence is not an everyday occurrence, it is still a concern for management and employees alike. Properly handling terminations can alleviate much of that concern by preparing for potential problems and hiring professional San Jose corporate security guards. Here are a few situations that can arise during a termination and reasons why having security present would be helpful.

Potential Problems When Firing an Employee

Regardless of the reason for termination, management should look closely at the employee’s history and his or her attitude. If he or she has a history of anger and paranoia or has been an overall difficult person to work with, this may warrant having security personnel on hand to assist in the firing process. However, even the most docile employee can still become angry and vindictive when losing his or her source of income. Because of this, you may want to have security personnel present for any termination.

Management Support

It can be difficult for someone conducting a termination to remain focused on the task if he or she suspects the soon-to-be-fired employee’s attitude could take a volatile turn. Having security available can reassure management personnel they will be protected if necessary. If the employee becomes aggressive, a trained San Jose security guard can help keep the situation under control.

Employee Safety

Arguably even more important than keeping management personnel safe, you’ll want to make sure your other employees are protected. By having security at the termination, your employees can feel safe and secure knowing management is in full control and potential threats of retaliation are considerably reduced. This can build morale and boost their overall confidence in the company and its management, and it can also prevent the possibility of lawsuits from employees harmed as a result of workplace violence.

Company Property Protection

An angry employee who has just been fired may choose to damage company property on the way out. From causing the computer system to crash to the physical destruction of expensive equipment, the damage can be costly for your company in many ways. Even if the former employee does not damage property, he or she may steal something. By having security escort the individual from the premises, the company and its property remain financially protected.

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