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How a Neighborhood Can Benefit from Security Patrol

Communities with private security in San Jose often have far lower crime rates and significantly increased safety. This is especially true in areas where police departments are often understaffed and unable to respond to distress calls in a timely fashion. With highly trained guards on site, residents can rest assured the likelihood of vandalism, theft, and other crimes is minimized. Following are a few benefits a neighborhood can gain by using these services.

Lower Insurance Premiums

Car, home, and renter’s insurance premiums can soar when crime rates rise. Insurance companies know the risks of covering people in high crime areas can be considerable. Hiring security patrol service San Jose neighborhoods trust means fewer claims may be filed and crime rates may decline. Over the long-term, this can result in cheaper premiums for community residents.

Fewer Crimes to Stop

Many people primarily view the services of security guards as stopping crimes in progress. In reality, however, armed or unarmed guards on residential properties can be a huge crime deterrent. Their presence in communities makes vandals, thieves, and other ill-intentioned parties far less likely to engage in unacceptable behavior. When security patrol exists in a neighborhood, loitering and other minor problems can also be minimized. Thus, rather than spending the majority of their time putting criminal activities to a stop, these professionals are able to keep the peace with limited action.

The Ability to Enjoy Communal Features

In addition to preventing burglaries, theft, and other common crimes, a neighborhood security patrol can also keep common areas safe and ensure the community residents who pay to maintain them are the only ones using them. This includes swimming pools, parks, playgrounds, and features cared for by Homeowners Associations. Graffiti, loitering, panhandling, and other problems can be kept out of the neighborhood entirely by a strong security presence. This is a level of service and support police departments are often unable and unwilling to supply. Ultimately, property owners can get more value from their HOA dues when there are guards on site.

Professional Problem Resolution

By hiring highly trained security guards, communities take a proactive stance against crime. These professionals are adept in diffusing tense situations and can take swift and appropriate action when problems arise. They understand the local laws and can quickly connect with law enforcement professionals when necessary. Best of all, given their presence is a huge deterrent for criminal activities, problems of this type can be kept at a minimum.

With a security guard patrolling your neighborhood, residents and property stay safer at all times. To learn more about residential guard services, reach out to ADS Guards. We’ve been supplying security guards for residential developments and businesses for over 15 years. Call 1-800-794-1550 to speak with a representative and receive a free quote.