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Self-Defense Tips for Young Children

Bullying and child abduction are threats to the safety and wellbeing of young children. Parents make their best efforts to keep children safe and stay aware of their whereabouts, but there may be instances when your kids are away from home, playing outside, or accidentally separated. San Jose security guards suggest teaching your children techniques to help them recognize the potential for danger and keep them safe in the event of an attack.

Be Aware of Personal Space

Children can be naturally friendly and trusting. However, you should teach your kids that people they do not know should never come into their personal space. You’re your children to imagine a large circle around their waist, and if anyone they are uncomfortable with comes inside of it, they should move away from the person and find an adult they trust.

Shout and Make Noise

Attackers hate attention, and making noise is the quickest way to get them noticed by other people. Your children should know to shout as loudly as possible to draw attention to them in hopes the attacker or bully will flee.

Kick, Wriggle, and Stomp

If someone tries to grab your child, the child should wriggle and kick his or her legs as hard as possible to make it difficult for the abductor to hold on. If your child is standing close to the attacker’s feet, he or she can jump and stomp on them.

Pinch and Bend

Teach your child to use his or her fingernails to pinch any part of the abductor’s skin they can reach, and to do it as hard as he or she can. If your child can grab one of the attacker’s fingers, then he or she should try to bend it back as far as possible.


Once your child gets away from the bully or attacker, he or she should quickly run to the nearest public place and find a helpful adult. Your children should be taught their address and phone number so both you and law enforcement can be notified in case of emergency.

Whether it’s your children, your home, or your business, ADS Guards considers safety our number one priority. To learn more about commercial or residential security guard services in San Jose, call ADS Guards at 1-800-794-1550 for a free quote.