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4 Security Risks High Schools Face

High schools aren’t inherently dangerous spaces, but in recent years they have become less safe, and many of them are even protected by a security guard. San Jose high schools can benefit from having trained professionals on site due to the following 4 security risks.

1. Weapons and Contraband

No school is immune to the fact that weapons and contraband such as drugs and alcohol are a potential risk factor. Studies indicate illegal drugs were made available to students while on school property. Also, 9 shooting deaths occurred in schools in 2016 alone. It is important to halt weapons and contraband from being brought into schools in the first place. Trained security guards can be the first line of defense.

2. Violence

Bullying, fights, and threats are becoming commonplace in many schools, and the acts of violence are not just perpetrated against students. Faculty and school staff are also under the threat of violence. During the 2011-2012 school year, 9 percent of teachers reported being threatened with physical violence by a student. Guard patrol in strategic locations helps eliminate privacy for violent students so they cannot make threats without being witnessed.

3. Theft and Vandalism

Schools today are filled with high-tech and high-value items that are easy for an opportunistic thief to steal. The average high school uses tablet and laptop computers and other media equipment that is small and easy to conceal and steal. A trained security guard can help protect assets and protect against both student and faculty causes of shrinkage.

4. Accidents and Injuries

Falls, emergency medical situations, and accidents in sports facilities are just the beginning of what can happen in a school. Security guards can act as first responders, which is why the best ones are trained in CPR and other lifesaving techniques. A trained guard can contain and manage an accident or emergency medical scene until paramedics and other emergency personnel arrive. This leads to increased student, staff, and faculty safety.

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