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Premier Security Patrol Service San Jose

ADS Security in San Jose, CA is here for you when you need us most. We can have a highly visible marked car and uniformed security guard patrolling your business area, residential community or construction site when it is most vulnerable and susceptible to criminal activity. We offer 24/7 patrol services to make our presence known at your business, monitor loss prevention at your shopping center, or patrol a business park for random inspections. Having the presence of a marked ADS Security car around your business can deter crime, theft, vandalism and burglary, saving you money and injury while providing peace of mind.

ADS Private Security Patrol in San Jose can provide:

    • The presence and patrol of a marked car and uniformed security guard at your establishment
    • Walking patrolmen to inspect the interior and exterior of your businesses
    • Random nighttime and daytime patrol to inspect your site by foot and/or marked car
    • Scheduled patrol to check for proper lock-up, closure and parking enforcements at a specified time each day
    • Dedicated security team assigned to your site and your site only within a designated time frame. This allows for immediate response to any alarms or concerns.
    • Meticulous reports provided daily to detail any suspicious activity, damage or actions taken by our guards


Benefits of a Professional San Jose Security Guard

Our experienced and licensed San Jose guards are ready to take whatever action is necessary to prevent loss of property and assets. Our skilled guards are trained to handle multiple situations at once in a quick and efficient manner. Some specific benefits of having a regular ADS security patrol team assigned to your San Jose business, construction site or residential community include:

    • Decrease in crime and vandalism due to regular and random ADS guard presence
    • Increase in residents’ confidence and overall feeling of safety, leading to long lasting tenants
    • Lock and re-lock procedures to make sure all entrances are properly secured preventing theft and robberies
    • Surveillance monitoring
    • Prompt emergency response time

We’re also happy to provide our clients with a printout of our unique Detex Clock, which shows what times our guards passed by pre-specified areas of your business at client-designated times, allowing you to rest assured that you’re receiving reliable and quality security patrol services.

Reliable Guards that Get the Job Done

Sometimes security patrol is just about inspecting a suspicious looking car or inquiring about a new and unfamiliar face; however, there are times when an ADS security patrol guard has needed to apprehend a suspect or prevent a theft or robbery in progress. These are the times that San Jose business owners are grateful to have ADS Security on their side.

ADS Security can give you a free quote over the phone right now so that you can get affordable local protection for your San Jose business, construction site or private event today. Our phone line is available 24/7 for your convenience, call us anytime at 1-800-794-1550.