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5 Ways Security Guards Make a Hotel Safer

Many travelers worry about remaining safe when in an unfamiliar place and away from the comfort of home. This concern extends to the places they choose to sleep during their travels. Though hotels are usually fairly secure, additional safety for guests can be gained by hiring trained security guards. Here are just a few ways they can help make your hotel a safer place to stay.

1. By Restricting Access

By design, high-rise hotels only offera few places for people to access floors beyond the lobby. When you place a security guard at or near these access points, often the elevators or fire escapes, criminals will be less likely to venture to the rooms above.

2. By Patrolling Parking Lots

Hotel valet service is a great deterrent for crime. However, many guests still choose to park without assistance. When criminals believe they are out of sight of hotel staff within a parking structure, guests can become vulnerable. However, if security patrol is regularly available in the parking lot, criminalsare less likely to be so bold.

3. By Monitoring Security Cameras

Though having security cameras is helpful in discouraging criminal activity, having personnel available to occupy the security stations is even more effective. Most hotels owners ask themselves if they would rather invest in cameras to prevent a crime from occurring or to use the film as evidence after the fact. When you have a trained expert watching live footage, your opportunity for crime prevention increases.

4. By Escorting Unwanted Guests from the Premises

When hotel guests are concerned about personal safety, they typically call management. However, not all management or hotel personnel are properly equipped or trained to remove someone from the premises. Security guards are trained on how to escort an uninvited or belligerent individual off hotel property.

5. By Acting as a Deterrent

Hotel personnel are trained in their hospitality duties, and security officers are trained to ensure a hospitable environment. The simple presence of armed or unarmed security guards is a strong criminal deterrent. Criminals are less likely to target your hotel and your guests if there is a possibility they will be caught.

By making sure your hotel is a safe place to stay, you can increase the likelihood of your guests feeling comfortable and wanting to return. For security guard services San Jose business owners trust, contact ADS Guards at 1-800-794-1550.We hope to hear from you soon.