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How Security Can Assist in Workplace Terminations

Business owners want their workplaces to be a happy, safe, and secure for both themselves and their employees. No one likes the idea of employee terminations or layoffs, but sometimes these events are unfortunate necessities. To make these stressful situations safer for both you and your employees, consider hiring San Jose security guards.

How On-Site Security Can Help

First, just the presence of on-site security guards can make everyone feel safer. Second, security guards are trained to handle aggressive situations and hostile individuals, such as might occur during a period of employee terminations and/or lay-offs. Third, security professionals are trained to think on their feet and adapt to changing situations, so they would be able to help provide a sound backup plan should anything get out of hand.

Make Security an Integral Part of the Process

On-site security should be made aware of potential terminations and lay-offs so they can be prepared to do their part, especially if a business owner suspects the employee could get aggressive. The obvious advantage to making your security professionals a part of the termination or layoff process is that they can escort the individual(s)being let go out of the building so that everyone is better protected from the potential hazards that raw emotions and stressful situations can bring out in people and prevent the individual(s) from damaging company property. Employees who have been terminated will think twice before acting out if he or she is being escorted by security. Perhaps less obvious is the fact that if security knows an employee will be leaving before the employee does, they can help curtail any last minute sabotage attempts by the employee.

Why risk your workplace, employees, or yourself? Reach out to ADS Guards, San Jose’s trusted provider of highly trained security guards. We can provide security for businesses of all sizes, residential developments, special events, and high-profile clients. Call us at 1-800-794-1550 for more information or to request a free quote.