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Should You Hire Security for a Medical Marijuana Dispensary?

As lawmakers in the Golden State continue to pass legislation and rules to make marijuana more accessible to the public, a very lucrative retail and distribution industry is emerging. In the Bay Area, the business of operating medical marijuana dispensaries has become easier thanks to new regulations and safeguards over the last couple of years, and residents are waiting for the day when over-the-counter recreational sales become a reality.

The American cannabis industry is expected to grow at an exponential rate in the coming decade, which means threat and risk levels are increasing accordingly. In Colorado, statistics show nearly 19 percent of dispensaries were robbed in 2009. Closer to the Bay Area, the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office reported the armed robbery of a dispensary in August of this year. In the same month, two Redwood City teenagers were arrested after they robbed a driver handling a delivery order for a San Francisco dispensary.

Preventing robberies is just one reason San Jose private security guards should be retained to protect local dispensaries. Here are a few other reasons to consider.

Comply with Local and State Laws

As the pro-cannabis legislative framework continues to mature, municipal governments will be directed to establish their own regulatory framework as it relates to the dispensary business. It can be reasonably expected that Bay Area cities will make security personnel a business requirement for dispensaries in the near future.

Deter Crime

Uniformed security guards are the best strategy for crime deterrence. In Arizona, drug cartels have been known to intimidate some dispensaries because they feel they are cutting into their illicit profits. However, cartel leaders and operatives know better than to get into situations where they may have to face security personnel. When this is the case, they will likely move on to unguarded locations.

Prevent Theft

Loss prevention is an even bigger issue at dispensaries than at high-end electronics stores. The nature of the cannabis business makes the operation of dispensaries very risky in terms of loss prevention. Even the most secure retail operation can be compromised without proper monitoring. Customers and employees are aware of the high stakes involved with marijuana and the dollar signs attached to this product. Dispensary owners should expect some level of loss. However, a San Jose armed security specialist assigned to monitor the operation of a dispensary can keep losses to a minimum.

Protect Against Federal Intervention

Marijuana legalization will likely remain a matter of state and municipal legislation. The federal government has not shown any sympathy in this regard. Even though a San Francisco federal judge issued a ruling in 2014 to keep the Justice Department from harassing local dispensaries, agents are still known to be conducting surveillance and watching certain establishments. Security guards can monitor this situation and give dispensary owners a warning so they can notify their attorneys. When undercover federal agents are approached by security guards, they tend to diminish their snooping.

If you own a medical marijuana dispensary or another type of business, make sure you keep it protected with highly trained professional security guards. ADS Guards is a leading provider of commercial security in San Jose. Call us today at 1-800-794-1550 for a free quote.