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Patrolling vs. Surveillance: Is One More Important Than the Other?

According to the FBI, more than two million burglaries occur each year. There would be more if businesses didn’t have security measures in place. For a business to secure itself, security personnel and/or video surveillance cameras must be utilized. While both are important, they each have benefits and drawbacks. For expert advice on choosing between cameras and guard patrol security, San Jose businesses should call on the experienced security professionals at ADS Guards. In the meantime, here are a few things to consider.

Crime Prevention

Both cameras and guards contribute to crime prevention. A camera can intimidate criminals and lead them to seek a less secure target, while a guard can actively look for security threats. Cameras can be installed in a variety of locations so the entire perimeter can be monitored and appear difficult to break into. Video surveillance technology has improved drastically. Live feeds, high-definition video footage, and microscopic cameras contribute to the effectiveness of crime prevention. Security guards can be hired to monitor live feeds as well. An ideal system would include both types of security to provide active response with a wide area of surveillance.

Ability to Defuse a Hostile Situation

Security guards can monitor surveillance cameras. If the guards notice anything strange, they can call emergency services right away. Security guards can take action as soon as a threat is noticed. Although it can take some time for the police to arrive, guards can be armed and able to deescalate a situation quickly. They can also communicate by radio to signal for backup if they cannot handle the situation on their own.

Internal Security

Although guards are excellent for exterior threats, cameras are far better for interior surveillance. A security guard cannot keep track of all employees at once. Cameras can ensure money transfers between employees and customers are handled correctly. Additionally, security cameras can monitor employees to ensure nothing is stolen or treated improperly. By placing cameras in important places of interest, an employer can keep track of money exchanges and inventory flow. If an incident occurs, security footage can be used in court.


Owning cameras without a company to monitor them in real time costs much less than hiring a security detail. Hiring a company to watch over the cameras full-time would still cost less than hiring security guards. Although guards tend to be more expensive, they do provide benefits that cameras don’t offer. Cameras cannot react to threats instantly. In certain situations, criminals may get away before the police can even be notified. Additionally, police forces could be backlogged and unable to respond quickly. In these instances, a security guard would be much more effective in responding to robberies and other acts of crime.

If you need help deciding how to effectively use cameras and guard patrols for your security needs, reach out to the professionals at ADS Guards, one of the area’s premier private security contractors. San Jose businesses can rely on us to evaluate their locations and provide expert advice on which security methods will best serve their needs. To schedule a consultation, call one of our security specialists today at 1-800-794-1550.