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4 Common Outdoor Job Settings for Security Guards

Security is a business process that should be observed across all company operations, including those that extend to outdoor spaces. If a commercial establishment operates an outdoor section, the outdoor area will be evaluated in the security planning, which may in turn call for guards to be posted. Security guards know their assignments won’t necessarily involve indoor locations. In fact, quite a few posts are located outdoors. Here are four of the most common locations security guards may be expected to protect when assigned to outdoor posts.

1. Parks and Recreation Centers

Assigning private security guards to public parks and recreation facilities is part of a trend that has become more visible in recent years. While national and state parks still train their own personnel to work as park rangers, it’s not uncommon to see private guards at county and city parks. Vagrancy is one of the reasons municipalities are posting security guards at parks. While this is normally a task local police departments handle, it’s a low priority for law enforcement. Although private guards usually can’t issue tickets or citations for infractions, their presence deters vandalism and unruly behavior, thereby making public spaces safer.

2. Corporate and Industrial Parks

City councils eager to attract business activity won’t think twice about passing zoning resolutions to build corporate parks and industrial areas. However, it’s up to property managers to sweeten the deal for tenants by providing security. Imagine an office park manager fielding complaints about employees being harassed in parking lots as they prepare to go home for the night. The costs of security personnel posted at corporate and industrial parks can be shared by tenants as part of their lease contracts.

3. Events That Attract Crowds

Indirectly, professional sports leagues such as the NFL and the NBA are some of the most significant employers of security personnel in North America. Major sporting events tend to feature dozens of security guards protecting players, league officials, venues, fans, and journalists. Depending on the business arrangement, security guards may be contracted by teams or venues, and their responsibilities may include general security, crowd control, personal protection, coordination, and patrol security. In San Jose and other large cities around the country, music festivals, block parties, and conventions are other events where security guards are usually assigned to outdoor posts.

4. Parking Lots

Any company that counts parking lots as part of their operations will have to include them within their security plans, and there may be a need to post security personnel for the purpose of protecting life and property. Some guards may be permanently assigned to outdoor parking lot patrols. However, very large facilities may alternate between outdoor and indoor settings so guards don’t settle into routines that compromise their alertness levels.

Whether their locations are indoors or outdoors, businesses looking to hire security in San Jose can rely on the security experts at ADS Guards for premier service. Our expertly trained, experienced staff is ready to serve you, no matter what your unique security needs may be. For more information about our first-rate security services, call us today at 1-800-794-1550.