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6 Misconceptions about Professional Security Guards

As with other professional fields, the public is often misinformed about the duties, responsibilities, and career paths of security guards. Comedic films such as Paul Blart: Mall Cop only serve to perpetuate the various misconceptions surrounding security professionals and their jobs. The staff at ADS Guards, one of the leading security companies in San Jose, shares the following myths commonly associated with security guards, which are far from the truth.

1. Security Guards Are Too Expensive to Hire

This is a dangerous misconception that probably originates at the business planning level. For some reason, many business plan templates omit security as a business process, which results in applications for commercial financing to be revised because they do not take this cost into consideration. When you factor in shrinkage, risks, and liabilities modern businesses face, the cost of retaining security guards becomes reasonable and makes perfect sense.

2. Security Guards Are Only Trained to Stop Shoplifters

This tall tale emanates from the fact that many people mostly see uniformed guards posted at stores. While it is true that the retail sector generates a lot of jobs for security guards, they are also retained across many other industries. Security guards can be found at hospitals, campuses, corporate parks, manufacturing facilities, transportation terminals, and just about anywhere else there is a need to protect life and property.

3. Security Guards Are Not Tech-Savvy

This myth has no basis in reality. Security guards assigned to video surveillance rooms happen to know enough about networking technology to conduct their own troubleshooting. Modern security guards are expected to use computers, smartphones, radios, and other devices in the course of their duties.

4. Security Guards Are Out of Shape

This urban legend was one of the plot points of the aforementioned Paul Blart film, whereby the main character of the film did not make the police academy because his poor physical condition resulted in hypoglycemia. In reality, security guards are expected to be physically fit to meet the demands of their jobs, which often entail patrolling on foot, standing for long periods, responding quickly to incidents, and evacuating individuals during emergencies.

5. Security Guards Are Not Properly Trained

This misconception ignores the fact that security guards are expected to undergo dozens of training hours just to get licensed at the state level. Moreover, guards assigned to executive protection, corporate security, and undercover loss prevention receive extensive training so they can carry out their special duties.

6. Security Guards Are Washed Up Veterans and Disgraced Cops

Security guard agencies often give preference to military veterans and former law enforcement personnel because their skills and experience come in handy, but they must present clean discharge papers and service records to be hired. It should be noted that professional security agencies are required to keep considerable liability insurance policies with very high premiums, which would be a lot higher if they took a chance on hiring individuals with questionable backgrounds.

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