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What Happens When a Security Guard Gets Hurt While Working?

Security officers in San Jose can become injured while performing their duties, which can result from physical violence or even a simple accident, ranging from a minor scratch to a major catastrophe. Injuries on the job are a serious matter to both the employer and the employee, and each has certain responsibilities when an injury occurs during work hours.

Before an injury occurs, a highly trained security guard should be aware of his or her employer’s injury reporting guideline policy. The guard should know the employer is responsible for maintaining records of all reported injuries in the event of an audit by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services or a workers’ compensation claim. An injury may not appear significant at first, but may become an issue later on, which means it needs to be properly documented.

If injured on the job, the guard should immediately report the incident to his or her employer or to 911 if the injury is life threatening or an emergency. The guard should then complete a detailed report of the circumstances surrounding the incident. The report should be very specific, including whether or not medical attention was needed, the date and time of the injury, the conditions that warranted the injury, all parties involved, and if the guard’s post duties were jeopardized.

In the event of the need for a guard to leave his or her post, notification to the employer to supply a replacement should be made if possible. Additionally, depending on the nature of the injury and circumstances, the employer may require the guard to complete a police report. Having a police report on file is warranted for any incidents of accusations or lawsuits that could arise as the result of an injury. Failure to follow an employer’s injury policy may result in disciplinary action.

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