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Characteristics of a Great Security Guard

When hiring a security guard in the Bay Area, it is important to look for certain characteristics that show that he or she is a cut above the rest. These characteristics will determine how well the guard is able to do the job and achieve the goals you have set for your guard position, whether for a special occasion, business office or corporate event.

  1. Good Judgment – When looking for a security guard, it is important to find someone who can give examples about how he or she reacted to a past situation in a manner displaying good judgment. A security guard might become involved in situations that could easily escalate if the correct steps are not taken. A security guard with good judgment will know how to respond by assessing the situation and taking appropriate action almost immediately.
  2. Strong Sense of Ethics and Moral Responsibility – It is also important for a security guard, especially an armed security guard, to have a strong sense of right and wrong, as well as a sense of duty to his or her clients. This will ensure that a security guard is personally invested in protecting whatever has been assigned to them – whether it is a VIP client or a construction site – and will always do his or her best in the line of work.
  3. Obeys All Instructions – An excellent security guard will not have a problem with obeying instructions from the employer. This will allow the guard’s strengths to be used to the best of their ability while making sure that what needs to be guarded gets the correct level of protection.
  4. Strong Communication Skills – Part of being a security guard is communicating threats in a timely fashion and making sure that any suspicious behavior is marked when the next security guard comes for his or her shift. Good communication will allow a company to respond quickly, efficiently and appropriately.
  5. Able to Provide Correct Information – Many people will ask a security guard questions. Whether the guard is a corporate security guard in San Francisco or is offering patrol for an HOA, it is important to make sure that he or she is able to provide those working and living in the area with the correct answers and, if the answers are not known, find out the information. They must, therefore, be diligent note takers and report writers.

When ADS Guards, the trusted 24/7 Guard Service in the Bay Area, seeks to hire new security professionals they meet all of these standards and more. We only hire the most experienced, certified and levelheaded guards that California has to offer and serve areas including Hayward, San Jose, San Francisco and more. For more information about our private security guard services, call ADS at 1-800-794-1550.