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Should You Hire Security for Your Company Christmas Party?

A holiday party is a great opportunity for you to show forthright appreciation to your staff, and providing security guards at the party is an easy way to augment your message of gratitude. Here are a few reasons to hire security in San Jose for such an event.

Manage Intoxicated Guests

Many employers are unpleasantly surprised by how rowdy their normally mild-mannered staff can get once they have had a few alcoholic drinks. Serving liquor at your staff party is a liability you can reduce by hiring San Jose security guards who are trained and experienced in discreetly handling inebriated people without causing a major disruption or scandal.

Give Your Own Security Guards a Break

If your company already has its own security department, give them an opportunity to relax at the Christmas party. Your security coordinator can brief hired guards on special situations before they take over security for the party. This way, the coordinator can have peace of mind as he or she celebrates along with the rest of the staff.

Reduce Premise Liability

Holding the party at the office means increasing the premise liability provisions of your commercial insurance policy. If you serve liquor and also allow your employees to bring their significant others, your liability could easily triple. Hiring security guards helps reduce potential liability risks and keeps your premiums low.

Foster a Feeling of Protection

The image of professional and uniformed security staff at the party is something your employees will likely interpret in a positive manner. Address the staff a few days before the party to let them know trained San Jose body guards will be available to protect them and their families. This type of thoughtful consideration can foster loyalty among your employees.

If you are putting together a company holiday party or another event where your employees and their families will be present, consider hiring professional security to ensure a safe and fun time for all. ADS Guards is a leading provider of event, corporate, and commercial security in San Jose, and we also offer residential security services. Call 1-800-794-1550 today to learn more and receive a complimentary quote.