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Why Use Security Guards to Protect Warehouses and Distribution Centers?

Warehouses and distribution centers face the challenge of keeping a high volume of cargo safe and secure. To ensure this happens, various types of security measures may be necessary, including the use of the high-quality security guard services San Jose agencies provide. The staff at ADS Guards in San Jose discusses the many ways security guards can protect your warehouse or distribution center.

Crime Prevention

Although security systems and alarms can serve as deterrents to intruders, they are often not enough. While important for documentation purposes, these systems lack human perspective, understanding, and reaction responses. Security guards can act as an additional visual deterrent, and they also know how to identify and remove intruders and address suspicious activity outside of normal operation procedures.

Increase Productivity

When trying to manage security procedures becomes distracting to warehouse and distribution center employees or they don’t feel safe when handling cargo, productivity can decrease. Onsite security guards can provide a sense of peace to the warehouse and distribution workforce and allow them to concentrate on their jobs. This type of work atmosphere also assists with employee retention, which allows for smoother production.


While it is possible other warehouse and distribution center employees may notice unusual activity, they may not have the background or training to respond efficiently and safely. Security guards have the training and experience to manage dangerous situations and unexpected circumstances. They know how to stay calm and take swift and sensible action.

Cost Effectiveness

Warehouses and distribution centers often transport desirable and expensive types of cargo, and it can prove costly if that cargo is stolen or tampered with. While hiring a San Jose security officer is a cost to a business, it can be small compared to the possible dollar damage stolen and damaged cargo causes. Security guard presence helps ensure the highest level of visibility and profitability. Some insurance companies may even offer discounts when a business takes security precautions.

To learn more about how your warehouse or distribution center can benefit from having professional security guards, reach out to ADS Guards. We are a leading security guard agency in San Jose, and we offer highly trained security guards for commercial and residential spaces as well as special corporate events. Give us a call today at 1-800-794-1550 for a free quote.