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Security: A Must-Have for Homeowner’s Associations in a Competitive Market

In today’s difficult housing market, San Francisco associations and others throughout the Bay Area must prudently balance fiscal concerns against their resident’s desires for luxurious amenities and services. Associations looking to stay competitive must offer amenities that provide the most value to their residents, without driving association dues too high. Security in particular is an amenity that is a hot topic for nearly every association and is a major consideration for potential homeowners.

Front Desk Attendants

Front desk attendants are one popular amenity; they provide limited building security, receive deliveries for residents, coordinate moves, and answer questions. While a front desk attendant can provide some security by watching the front door, they can’t be everywhere. Also, because most criminal activity happens at night, associations looking to increase security would have to hire staff to cover the front desk 24 hours a day. Coverage of this level requires more than four full-time employees. Such a large expense can be justified for an association with thousands of residents, but the cost is prohibitive for most associations.

Contracted Security Professionals

A more cost effective option to increase security is to have the grounds routinely patrolled by security guards. Routine patrol services in San Francisco and throughout the Bay Area provide residents with peace of mind, and that can have an enormous impact on a community. Besides the obvious benefit of providing a visible deterrent against criminal and mischievous behavior, routine patrols can make residents and their guests feel safe and secure in their homes and in common areas.

Associations considering routine patrols should avoid hiring their own security guards in San Francisco. Hiring a trained security professional is a complex task requiring interviews, training, and background checks. If armed security is desired, then further licensure will be required. Instead, use a professional security company that is experienced in providing security services. A reputable company will be able to suggest the most useful services and will be able to increase or decrease the frequency of patrols as needed.

While it is true that armed security guards won’t be able to take deliveries and answer phones like a front desk attendant, they are far more effective at providing cost-effective security. For more information about reliable and professional security, call ADS Guards at 1-800-794-1550 today. Serving San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, Fremont, and more, we are the trusted choice among homeowner’s associations, offering reliable armed and unarmed patrol 24/7.