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How Mobile Technology Affects Security

Thanks to globalization, increased liability and stricter regulations, and major technological advances, the San Jose security guard business has significantly evolved in the last few decades. Most notably, mobile technology is giving security guard companies a way to better emergency procedures, improve management, and stay connected.

Mobile Apps for Managers, Guards, and Clients

Thanks to inexpensive smartphones hitting the market, it’s possible to get one in the hands of every trained security guard. This technology allows them to take advantage of reporting apps, CPR and choking apps, or apps that let managers track their movements while on the job. Managers can also use apps designed to share information with a group of people, scheduling apps, or sales apps. Your clients, on the other hand, will appreciate recommendations for apps that can use GPS tracking to monitor children’s whereabouts, provide emergency notifications, or transmit location details in case of emergency.

Improved Security Management

With cloud-based technology, it’s easy for managers to share information like policies and procedures, training forms, or incident reports. It’s also easier to collect helpful and relevant feedback on everything from training processes and preparation to post-crisis recovery, utilize integrated mapping software, and record videos and take pictures during incidents.

Better Emergency Preparedness

With the leaps and bounds technology is making comes increased security risks both physical and otherwise. Mobile apps and improved security management, however, add up to better overall emergency preparedness. Security guard companies can utilize apps and cloud storage to share emergency plans with clients, send out emergency updates, and include them in real-time incident reporting, creating a safe environment and fostering better client relations.

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