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Securing Health Environments: A Checklist for Successful Hospital Security

Each year, numerous breaches in hospital security occur across the United States. From violent patients to drug thefts, security is a constant issue that must be improved upon year after year.

If your hospital is located in the San Jose area and has recently experienced lapses in security, use this checklist to shore up security protocol and help your team become successful.

Properly Trained Security Guards

A physical presence in the form of licensed San Jose security guards is one of the best deterrents against security breaches. To make sure your guards can act properly in any type of situation, they should receive yearly update training in the following areas:

  • How to handle mentally disturbed patients
  • Identifying risk and improving loss prevention
  • Enhancing communication skills

Recruiting the Proper Personnel

Recruitment has a strong impact on the effectiveness of a security staff.  Because of the high risk involved with hospital security, human resource departments should implement strict hiring standards that include the following elements:

  • Stringent background checks
  • Psychological evaluations
  • Require that candidates have relevant security or law enforcement experience

Customer and Employee Engagement by Security Guards

Tactics should be implemented that are similar to those used in community policing.  Security guards should be well versed in patient and employee engagement. Having these types of conversations can often help security guards identify potential issues with individuals who might be mentally disturbed or identify employees who may be potential security risks.

The constant presence of security guards on all floors of a hospital is the best deterrence of any type of crime that either an employee or a patient may be pondering. If you are considering security guard services for inside your medical building or a regular San Jose patrol car for security in your parking lot and around the perimeter, reach out to ADS Guards today.

ADS Guards provides commercial security in San Jose and will work directly with you to help craft the perfect plan that meets all your security needs. Take the first step toward peace of mind today and call one of our security representatives at 1-800-794-1550 for more information.