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5 Travel Safety Tips

Staying safe while you travel is paramount to your vacation experience. A sweet vacation can take an abrupt turn for the worst if you find yourself in an unsafe situation. Leading San Jose security guard company ADS Guards offers these five tips to keep yourself and others safe during your travels.

1. Don’t Read Maps on Public Streets

If you need to read a map, head into a bathroom or secluded place until you know where you’re going. Reading a map on the street opens you up to pickpockets and other dangerous criminals who know you aren’t from here and don’t know your way around. Do your best to always walk with purpose and act like you know what you’re doing.

2. Find Walking Tours

Solo travelers can take advantage of walking tours that are often offered for free or at a low-cost through tourist organizations or your hotel. You’ll remain safe in a large group, and you’ll be able to figure out where everything fun is located. You should be extra alert when you travel alone, but you don’t have to stick out from the crowd too much.

3. Don’t Take Side Streets

This is especially important to remember at night and/or if you’re traveling alone. Stick to the main roads when you are exploring your new territory. Most of the fun and excitement will be found on the main streets anyway. You are taking big risks by walking down alleys and side streets, especially if you are unsure what the quickest escape route is.

4. Don’t Accept Help or Gifts from Strangers

Accepting gifts or help from strangers can put you in truly dangerous situations. A stranger might lead you to a secluded place and rob you, or give you a “gift” that’s actually stolen or illegal to possess. Politely decline any gifts or assistance and continue on your way. If they continue to bother you, go into a crowded shop and either lose them or seek assistance.

5. Don’t Flash Valuables in Public

Some thieves are so deft they can snatch earrings right out of the ears of other people. Leave nice jewelry, including necklaces, earrings, rings and watches at home—it’s the only way to guarantee they’ll be safe. If you must have jewelry when you travel, pick up a few cheap items you won’t mind losing, or, use it as an opportunity to pick up a few inexpensive pieces as souvenirs.

ADS Guards believes in safety first, and is a leading provider of private security guards for special events, businesses, residential developments, and retail malls. For more information on our security guard services, reach out to a representative at 1-800-794-1550. Happy travels!