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How to Remain Safe When Staying at a Hotel

Hotel security may be the last thing you think about when you’re on a trip, but you certainly don’t want your trip ruined by theft, fire, or worse. It pays to put security first, especially if you’re traveling alone or in an unfamiliar area. Here are some tips to help you stay safe in your hotel, no matter where your travels take you.

Research the Area and Hotel

Every city has neighborhoods with higher crime rates than surrounding areas. Find out whether certain areas are more secure than others and whether tourists tend to be targeted in the neighborhood. You should also check the security of the hotel itself. Ask if the front desk is manned 24/7, whether there are on-site San Jose security guards, and whether the hotel has surveillance cameras. You may also want to ask if the hotel restricts access to guest floors to people with room keys for extra safety. Finally, check guest reviews of the hotel to identify any security concerns.

Keep the Door Locked

When you’re in your room, make it a habit to keep the door locked with the security chain and deadbolt. For additional protection, you can bring a rubber door stopper to fortify the door against a break-in. After all, even the best hotel may have a crook who did not have a criminal record and can access guestrooms.

Don’t Leave Valuables Visible

When you leave your room, make sure you use your in-room safe for storing jewelry, cash, and other small valuables. Because the hotel likely doesn’t accept liability for any items in your guest room safe, you can also ask the front desk to hold valuables. If you do, just make sure you get a written receipt.

Protect Yourself When Traveling Alone

If you’re staying in a hotel by yourself, you may be seen as a target. To reduce this risk, book your room with just the first letter of your name so it isn’t gender-specific, such as “J. Jones.” If you order room service, call to place your order. If you’re concerned about your safety, ask a hotel employee to escort you from the lobby to your car. Because the peephole can give people outside your room a glimpse inside, put a bandage over it while you’re staying at the hotel.

Avoid Staying on the Ground Floor

It may be convenient for guests, but the ground floor is the easiest for non-guests to access as well. Ideally, ask for a room on floors 4 through 6. These floors can be reached by a ladder truck in case of fire, but they’re far enough from the ground floor that you won’t be an easy target.

Don’t Open the Door for Strangers

If someone knocks on the door and you aren’t expecting anyone, don’t assume they work for the hotel, even if they say they do. Always call the front desk to verify before you open your door and allow someone into your room.

If you run or manage a hotel and want to keep your guests as safe as possible, consider hiring a professional security guard to patrol the premises. At ADS Guards, one of the leading security companies in San Jose, we take pride in providing expertly trained guards for commercial and residential spaces. For a free quote, call 1-800-794-1550 today.