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Safety Issues to Consider When Hiring Armed Guards

The need for armed security guards has become a topic of discussion at a time when gun ownership laws and regulations are stirring up political sentiment and divisiveness. While a segment of the population calls for increasing armed security in certain establishments, such as schools, other segments are opposed to such measures. To a great extent, both opinions are valid insofar as safety concerns. Not all situations call for the presence of armed security personnel, and the key is to evaluate strategies as to when and how armed guards should be assigned to guard public and private spaces. Here are some safety strategies business owners in California should consider before hiring armed security guards.

Complete a Security Assessment

The ideal way to determine the need for armed guards is to follow a security plan after a comprehensive assessment. Companies that have a security director can count on his or her opinion, which will likely feature a recommendation to hire a provider of security services. Small business owners who don’t have a security director can hire a professional security company in San Jose that provides both armed and unarmed guards to handle the assessment. Not all situations will require armed guards. In fact, they may increase risks in some cases.

Contact Your Insurance Provider

While security measures often reduce the risk profile and commercial liability of companies, thus lowering premiums, this isn’t always the case. Insurance providers take into consideration various factors when setting their premium rates, and they may see armed guards as a potential risk in some instances. For example, condominiums and gated communities in some regions may end up with increased policy premiums. When this happens, it’s up to business owners to decide how they should proceed.

Consider Police Response Times

Populous metro areas don’t always get faster response times from police officers, and this has been a factor private schools have considered in recent years, particularly those that provide religious education in certain denominations. Active shooter situations call for fast armed response, and this isn’t always possible in some jurisdictions, even if they have large police forces. In rural and remote areas, police response times tend to be even slower, as they operate with fewer resources. The best course of action in this regard is to include police response times as part of the overall risk and safety assessment.

Post Guards in the Ideal Spot

Armed guards tend to be more effective in places where they can operate without certain risks and constraints. In the case of a rowdy nightclub, armed security personnel cannot be expected to walk around the bar and dance floor areas because doing so could put them at risk of being accosted by multiple perpetrators who intend to disarm them. However, this doesn’t mean a nightclub owner shouldn’t hire armed guards. It means the guards should be posted strategically in safe spots from where they can react appropriately.

If you’re considering hiring armed guards to protect your business, it’s important that you keep safety at the top of your list of factors that will affect your decision. Armed guards can definitely be a good choice in some situations, while others might call for unarmed guards or another type of security service. For advice on whether armed guards are right for you, or if you have questions about other security services that might better fit your needs, call the experts at ADS Guards, one of the most trusted San Jose security companies, at 1-800-794-1550.