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Staying Safe in a Dimly Lit Neighborhood

The sight of the setting sun can be beautiful, but with low visibility comes the possibility of illicit activities. Fortunately, there are a number of ways you can protect yourself when walking through a dimly lit neighborhood. The following preventative strategies provided by San Jose security guard professionals can help you stay safe in these situations.

Travel in a Group

There is power in numbers and would-be attackers recognize this. Rather than traveling the streets of a dimly lit neighborhood on your own, take a friend or two with you instead. If you do find yourself alone on darkened streets, keep your distance from passing strangers and remain vigilant.

Wear Bright-Colored Clothing

In addition to worrying about criminal activity, you should also be cognizant of how visible you may or may not be to others. If you wear dark clothing, you may blend into the background and increase your risk of being hit by a car. Try to wear bright-colored clothing and reflective tape so drivers can spot you from further away.

Carry a Flashlight and a Cell Phone

Keep a cell phone and flashlight handy when traversing dark streets. You can lighten your load by downloading a flashlight app so your cell phone serves both purposes. A whistle is another item you can keep handy. If you feel threatened, blowing your whistle can attract attention and deter potential attackers.

Stick to Busy Streets and Sidewalks

It’s best to stay on busy streets when walking alone at night. These areas typically have brighter lights and better access to help than darker streets. Veering off onto dark, deserted areas make you more vulnerable to attacks, so it’s best to avoid darkened streets whenever possible.

Let People Know Where You’re Going

Give friends or family members a heads-up about your travel intentions. If you don’t show up at your intended destination within a reasonable amount of time, people will know where to start looking for you and can send help if necessary.

Trust Your Gut

Don’t feel bad for being suspicious and trust your instincts. If you have a strange feeling about a street or passing stranger, consider taking an alternate route instead. If you’re still unnerved, take precautionary measures by turning back towards a brightly lit street, calling for help, and turning your flashlight on. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

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