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4 Safe Ways for Security Guards to Handle Intoxicated Customers

Handling patrons who have overindulged can be stressful and awkward for security personnel, but it comes with the job. Responding in a helpful and tactful matter can make the situation much less confrontational and difficult. The first step is to cut the patron off from his or her supply of alcoholic beverages and the next is to ensure he or she gets home safely. Here are 4 suggestions professional guards can utilize when faced with a patron who has had too much to drink.

1. Be Calm and Discreet

San Jose commercial security guards should always remain calm when handling an individual who has had too much alcohol. A raised voice or confrontational body language may antagonize the patron and make him or her feel attacked. If at all possible, guards should engage the person in conversation and remove him or her from the public eye. The patron may be more willing to talk to a guard if he or she doesn’t feel like everyone is watching the interaction. If possible, guards should bring along another security officer to ensure a safe interaction.

2. Suggest an Alternative Drink

People at parties and events often feel more comfortable with a drink in their hand because they want to be seen as sociable and engaged. If a person has become too belligerent, guards can try suggesting an alternative drink like club soda with lime or a cola with appropriate garnishes. This may give the patron time to sober up somewhat before the gathering breaks up for the evening.

3. Seek Help from the Patron’s Companions

The most prudent method for handling patrons who have overindulged is to rely on their friends, family members, and acquaintances to persuade them to stop drinking and assist in getting them home safely with minimal fuss and disruption. Oftentimes, there is a designated driver among the group who can take over the situation. A person who has had too much to drink may respond more willingly to familiar faces and friendly suggestions.

4. Call a Cab

The most important step is to ensure the patron does not drive. The bartender, owner, and management of the establishment can be held liable if anything unfortunate happens on the way home. Guards can take care of intoxicated patrons by making sure a cab is called to take them home. Some bars may even offer to pay for a cab for customers who cannot drive safely.

The private security San Jose businesses hire should document the details of every incident. Handling intoxicated guests can be a delicate matter, but it can be a smooth and tactful maneuver that saves everyone from embarrassment and reduces antagonistic or dangerous behavior.

If you run a business that serves alcohol or are planning an event where alcoholic beverages will be available, make sure you hire security guards to handle any patrons who get out of hand. ADS Guards is a leading provider of commercial security and party security in San Jose. Call 1-800-794-1550 today to learn more.