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Is Your Business Less Secure Because of Unauthorized Access?

Before deciding on what access-control system is right for your business, it’s crucial to have a thorough understanding of what your needs are for this system. To begin, you should be crystal clear on how susceptible to unauthorized access your business is and how to take actions to prevent it. Here are a few of the most common ways this plays out and what preventive measures to use to stop them.


Perhaps the most common kind of unauthorized access happens when someone follows an authorized user into a building. Typically the user will keep the door open for the unauthorized individual out of common courtesy, but this exposes the building to unnecessary risk. A simple way to lower the chance of tailgating is to properly educate each credentialed user about awareness and security. An even more effective measure is to implement mantraps, turnstiles, or other solutions that limit entry to one person at a time. Attempts to circumvent these would activate an alarm.

Door Propping

Just like tailgating, people prop doors open for increased convenience. It’s another way unauthorized individuals can access a location and create potentially dangerous situations for the assets or people within the building. Control systems can include the capacity to identify propped doors and alert security personnel, who can investigate and respond to the situation as required.

Consider hiring a firm that provides private security. San Jose businesses, especially those in remote or high-crime areas, might benefit from extra eyes and ears that provide enhanced protection of the premises.

Levering Doors

You might be shocked to discover how easily a door can be jammed open with a simple screwdriver. Advanced systems include forced-door monitoring, which activates an alarm when a door is forced open. The efficiency of these systems depends on several factors, as they can sometimes generate a high rate of false positives if there is a lack of active intrusion monitoring or poor database configurations. Still, when these types of tools are in place, they’re extremely efficient at catching door levering.

Missing Keys

Whether lost, stolen, or loaned out, keys can create major security risks. They’re usually impossible to locate if they’re forgotten, lost, or loaned. It might take several days for an individual who usually tailgates into the building to realize his or her key is missing. Throughout that time, the only way to ensure the security of the building would be to recore locks on a number of doors, which is costly. Management solutions include electronic keys that can be used to track entering users. Many processes can be combined with more layers of security.

If your business is susceptible to the dangers listed above, it’s imperative to explore access solutions to address those specific needs and reduce or even eradicate the likelihood of unauthorized access. As always, the greatest possible standard of security at your facility is the goal.

Unauthorized access could be devastating for the security of your business. Gaps such as the ones listed above can be costly and even dangerous. For added security, seek out a company with the most trustworthy San Jose security guards. The experts at ADS Guards can evaluate your security needs and customize a security plan that’s just right for you and your business. To talk to one of our experienced representatives, call us today at 1-800-794-1550.