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Best Ways to Secure Residential Property in 2015

If you own or manage an apartment complex or residential development, you know how important it is to keep your residential property secure. To make your property safer in 2015, consider following these tips from ADS Guards, an experienced San Jose security guard company.

Light up your property.

Keeping your property lit by using street lamps or lamps adhered to a building (especially if it backs an alley, canyon, or other easy-access area) is a great way to deter petty criminals and young hooligans from messing with your buildings or tenants’ belongings. Being able to see out of their windows at night can also help home owners and renters feel safer.

Put up secure fencing.

Putting up solid quality fencing may cost a little bit, but it’s a one-time expense that can go a long way to securing your property. Fences immediately make it harder for unwelcomed persons to get in and deter criminals looking for an easy target.

Hire security guards.

Hiring highly-trained residential security guards will let your tenants know that you’re serious about their safety. Seeing security guards walking and/or driving around the property will also deter most criminals, as most prefer a target that isn’t being watched. A security guard on-site will also be able to provide assistance in the event any criminal activity does occur.

Buy security cameras.

For most apartment complexes, especially in urban areas or upscale housing developments, this is a no brainer. There’s no need to get fancy and buy the tiny ones that are hard to spot. In fact, it will be more of a deterrent to criminals if the cameras are obvious and out in the open.

If you’re ready to secure your residential property but unsure where to start, look towards ADS Guards in San Jose for your security needs. We are San Jose’s trusted security guard company with more than two decades of experience, and provide residential and corporate security, as well as security for banks, shopping malls, special events, private parties, and parking structures. Contact us at 1-800-794-1550 and let us help you address you security needs.