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How to Deal with Panhandling at Shopping Centers

If you manage a shopping center or own a business that is part of a shopping complex, you are responsible for a wide spectrum of things, one of which is making sure the grounds are safe for customers. Panhandling is a common problem at shopping centers, and while its natural to feels sympathy for these individuals, when they start to impact your business, even the most compassionate business managers and owners lose patience.

If panhandling is a problem at your Bay Area shopping complex, the professional and experienced security team at ADS Guards offers some strategies to help remove the individuals from your property.

  • Speak to the Panhandlers – Panhandlers are not necessarily unreasonable or people with ill intent. If you approach them politely and explain how their presence is adversely affecting your customers, they may agree to go away on their own. This is the easiest solution, but has the drawback of not being effective with the most determined panhandlers.
  • Call the Police – When communicating directly with the individual causing problems doesn’t work, you may have is to call the police. They will help you by warning the panhandler and assisting you in placing a trespass order against them. The downside with this technique is that getting the police involved can bring legal complications. Additionally, if the problem persists, it isn’t practical to call the police every time someone is panhandling at your shopping center. 
  • Hire Security – A simple and the most cost effective way of dealing with panhandling is to hire security guards for commercial security patrol in the Bay Area. This relieves you of all the hassles, and allows trained security professionals handle the situation so that you can focus on your business. Once panhandlers realize there are security personnel on hand, they will often avoid your shopping center altogether. 

When you manage or own a business center, the last thing you want to focus on are persistent panhandlers. Entrust your business to the trained security guards at ADS Guards and remove the problem and provide a safe environment for your shoppers. To request more information about our Bay Area armed and unarmed security guards, contact us directly at 1-800-794-1550.