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Why are Unarmed Security Guards a Better Option?

For San Jose companies that are looking to provide an increased level of protection for their customers, employees, and property, hiring private security guards is a good option. However, depending on your business’ needs, hiring armed security guards may not be necessary. To help you make the best decision for your business, a leading provider of private security in San Jose discusses five benefits of unarmed security. 

1. Reduced Risk

Using an armed guard on your site automatically increases the chances that a weapon will be used in a confrontation on your property, which can potentially make your business liable for damages. Because of the risk of collateral injury or property damage, selecting unarmed security guards is generally a safer option, particularly if your business has many customers or crowded areas.

2. Training and Qualifications

While most armed security guards go through rigorous training, in some cases armed personnel may not have sufficient experience with a firearm and may become nervous in a high-stress situation. Selecting an unarmed security guard can give you peace of mind knowing that he or she has the necessary training and qualifications to promote your business’ security and will not accidentally misuse a firearm on your property.  

3. Good Impressions

Armed guards can give a bad impression of your business, intimidating or distressing on-site customers and employees. To avoid hurting your company’s image, you may consider unarmed guards, who provide a similar level of security, promote a safe and calm environment, and may help prevent negative impressions of your business. 

4. Cost Effective

Having unnecessary force on site can end up costing a business more in the long run. Since armed security charges for firearm maintenance and can increase your business’ insurance cost, unarmed security is frequently the cheaper option. 

5. Additional Services

When you hire unarmed security, you’re also hiring protection for a variety of safety problems. Unarmed guards are trained to provide surveillance services, contingency plans and preparation in case of disasters, and assistance with other routine tasks, like greeting visitors and clients. 

Are you considering hiring unarmed security for your San Jose business? ADS Guards can help. A leading provider of San Jose unarmed security guards, we also offer uniformed and plainclothes guards, corporate security, and residential security. To learn more about our private security services, give us a call at 1-800-794-1550 and get a free estimate. We look forward to protecting your company!