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What Qualities In a Person Make for a Good Security Guard?

Many people think security guards only need the ability to use brute force to restrain unauthorized or ill-intentioned individuals. In reality, though, these professionals possess many other important characteristics beyond the physical. Following are several qualities every effective security guard should have.

Powerful Persuasiveness

Security guards must have the ability to be verbally persuasive. They can keep crowds under control and resolve problems without making major scenes or using any physical force whatsoever. The role of these professionals in many environments is to keep the peace. The power of persuasion is especially important forSan Jose commercial security guards because it allows them to conduct traffic and handle unexpected issues without disrupting company operations.

Commanding Body Language

Body language is actually one of the most effective forms of communication. A trained security guard with a commanding presence can serve as a natural deterrent to crime, given few people who see these individuals will want to break the rules. With an attitude conveying all-around strength and confidence, the right security guard can also make everyone in the building feel protected and safe.

Excellent Work Ethic

No security guard company in San Josewants to hire a guard who will do little else than stay tucked away in a corner while checking text messages or burying themselves in a good book. A good work ethic is an important quality for guards to have because it allows them to effectively supplement and enhance all other lines of defense. Strolling the perimeter and regularly checking feeds from CCTV cameras makes it possible for active and alert guards to stop problems, even before they start.

Good Judgment for Deciding When Physical Force Is Needed

Although you want your guard to have the ability to resolve problems without disrupting business operations or making a big scene, there are some instances when physical force is absolutely necessary. Time and experience creates guards who can quickly discern when physical action is required. When this is the case, these professionals can subdue and restrain ill-intentioned visitors and connect with local law enforcement agencies for follow-up action.

If you are looking for expertly trained security guards to protect your commercial or residential property in San Jose, contact ADS Guards today. Our guards possess the above qualities as well as many other attributes that help make them effective at their jobs. For a free quote on our security services, call 1-800-794-1550 today.