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5 Traits Hospital Security Guards Should Possess

You shouldn’t look for a hospital security guard the same way you look for any other security guard. This type of guard needs the right kind of skills to protect not just one individual but every client and employee within the hospital. As such, make sure the officer has all five of the traits listed below.

1. Good Work History

Make sure your selected security guard hasn’t been blacklisted for reckless behavior. Security officers must be able to think before acting so they don’t accidentally hurt someone they’re supposed to be protecting. The guard’s amount of experience could help you determine whether he or she is ready to work in a hospital. Check out each applicant’s references, especially previous employers. Don’t forget to give each of those establishments a call and ask questions. If the guard has never worked in a hospital before, ask how well he or she can adapt to new situations.

2. Ability to Learn New Tasks

Hospital security guards may not have all of the necessary skills needed for the job. However, it’s the job of the hospital to teach its security team certain tasks. While performing these actions, guards must be constantly aware of their surroundings. You want a security guard who can follow intricate instructions required as part of his or her everyday tasks, including how to properly communicate with patients with certain mental disabilities.

3. Good Communication Skills

Being able to physically protect someone could mean next to nothing if the security guard doesn’t know how to properly communicate. Don’t even consider hiring an officer who doesn’t have solid communication skills. Communicating with staff and patients is essential to keeping everyone safe and helping people remain calm in dangerous situations. Security guards must be able to issue instructions quickly, efficiently, and coherently to nearby individuals during hectic times. Your officer can’t be impatient and yell at employees and clients.

4. Varied Additional Skills

Look over the different industries the potential guard has worked in. The more diverse and numerous the industries, the better, as this means he or she is likely to have a vast amount of skills. Multiple skills can come in handy because the guard likely knows how to handle a variety of scenarios. The guard can adapt better and immediately apply solutions during emergencies without wasting time on figuring out the solution. Special skills can also be useful for completing complex tasks that may require the use of a computer. It’s especially crucial that, when hiring an armed security guard, San Jose hospitals make sure he or she has proper training and permits for handling firearms.

5. Punctuality

You found someone who seems to have all of the traits mentioned so far. However, you may not know if the guard truly has what it takes until he or she begins working with you. Showing up on time to the initial interview is the first test because it shows that the guard is dependable, diligent, and committed to working for you. It’s a sign of respect toward your company. If the guard comes on time, he or she is likely reliable enough to handle emergency situations. 

Hospitals have very specific individual needs when it comes to security, so make sure to screen your security guards or the security company you’re hiring for the traits listed above. No matter what type of professional security your company needs, ADS Guards, one of the premier security companies in San Jose, CA, can provide you with highly trained, experienced guards. Our guards are capable of protecting a wide variety of businesses. Call one of our friendly representatives today at 1-800-794-1550 to receive a free quote.