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What Are a Security Guard’s Public Relations Duties?

San Jose security professionals are tasked with keeping clients and the general public safe, but an important aspect of this job is maintaining friendly and open relationships with the people they are protecting. These relationships can help people relax, make protection easier, and enhance future client-guard interactions.

Providing Ample Information to the Public

A security guard has a duty to inform the public about potential security issues, but must also recognize which information should not be disseminated. Open information exchange between clients and guards is an essential part of maintaining a safe environment. Guards are also responsible for informing people exactly what will be expected of them in an emergency situation.

Keeping People Safe without Stressing Them Out

Although the primary responsibility of a San Jose security guard is maintaining safety, the guard’s behavior also sets the tone for the building or business he or she is stationed in. If the security guard is relaxed but still focused on the job, the clients will likely pick up on this behavior and mirror it. Likewise, if a guard is constantly stressed and unfriendly, the mindset of his or her clients will follow suit.

Asking Questions to Ensure the Job Is Done Right

A good security guard is proactive in requesting information from his or her clients. Asking informed questions is a good way to let clients know you are tailoring the security protection to their specific needs. Questions allow for the opening of an unforced dialogue that does not seem like a series of directives.

Maintaining Safety Above All

Public relations and a guard’s behavior are certainly important, but response to a potential emergency situation is still the most crucial aspect of the job. Guards must keep this in perspective and remember not to become immersed in the public relations part of their job. A friendly smile is nice, but a safe environment is of paramount importance

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