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5 Businesses That Benefit From Security Guard Services

Security guards are well-known for providing invaluable protective services. A security guard’s duties revolve around preventing or deterring crime and keeping clients safe. While many people know that security guards can be used for ensuring safety and VIP parties and special events, we wanted to look into a few other businesses that could benefit from professional San Jose security guards.

  1. Commercial Real Estate Investment Firms – Commercial real estate investment firms should always take measures that will help them protect their properties and tenants. Exceptional security guard can help make certain that criminals will not harm tenants and that burglars do not vandalize or destroy the client’s property.
  1. Homeowners Associations – One of the main responsibilities of a homeowners association is to protect its residents and one of the easiest ways to do so is to hire reliable security patrol. A trained security guard can patrol the neighborhood in a marked patrol vehicle, which not only turns away criminals from the area, but provides residents with a feeling of safety and security. Click here for more information about professional security patrol from ADS Guards in San Jose. 
  1. Retail Stores – Studies show that shoplifting incidents continue to increase as time progresses. When a security guard is present at your retail establishment, they can help discourage shoplifters as well as apprehend any individuals attempting to cause trouble. This is especially important for stores selling high-end merchandise such as jewelry.
  1. Industrial & Construction Companies – Construction companies often have expensive tools and equipment on site. While companies may think that their valuables are safe behind locked gates, we often hear reports of stolen tools and important machinery. This is not only a cost for the company, but can sometimes delay progress on a project. With reliable security on-site to monitor the area when workers are not present, this can be prevented altogether.
  1. Exclusive Night Clubs – It is not unusual to see bouncers at night clubs. While bouncers are effective, they may not always have the proper training to handle unique issues or problems that arise. Trained and licensed security guards not only project a more positive image in the eyes of your VIP patrons, they can also handle disputes or other problems with the utmost professionalism.

Whether you own or manage a business, it’s important to ensure the safety of those who reside or visit the location on a regular basis. If you would like to learn more about security guard services and pricing, reach out ADS Guards in San Jose today. We’ve been proudly serving San Jose and the Bay Area for more than a decade and have an exceptional team of licensed and professional guards who can provide you with peace of mind. Call us today at 1-800-794-1500.